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Full-Scale Bathroom Remodeling San Diego

"Sean and his team did a great job! He and his team were easy to work with, made sure I was happy with the work being performed, and left me well informed on the work being provided. Overall a great team to work with."
- Cee Jay
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Full-scale bathroom remodeling in San Diego is a project best left to experienced professionals! Give our team a call to learn what's involved with bathroom remodeling in San Diego.

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At San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros we pride ourselves on being the number one kitchen and bathroom remodeling San Diego company and are confident that we can deliver the bathroom space of your dreams.

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We even pair you with one of our handpicked independent San Diego bathroom designers and remodeling contractors  who specializes in full-scale bathroom remodeling in San Diego.

Skilled Bathroom Remodeling San Diego CA

A full-scale bathroom remodeling in San Diego takes a lot of careful planning. To ensure no detail is overlooked, we have compiled a list of details you might consider as well as some fantastic design ideas you're sure to love.

Medium or Small Bathroom Remodels In San Diego

Not all properties have grand, spacious bathrooms, but don’t despair! Some of our favorite bathroom remodeling projects have been medium sized or  small bathroom remodels. Before you plan a small bathroom remodel, consider your current space and what you want to achieve with a remodeling project. Often, a medium size or small bathroom remodel will actually free up more space. Older bathroom designs and products usually wasted space unnecessarily. With a smaller vanity, for example, you could free up room for a larger shower or a tall free standing cabinet. 

No matter what you are trying to accomplish with your small bathroom remodel in San Diego, we guarantee we will make that dream a reality. Our contractors and design experts are experienced and honest, so we'll let you know right away if there is something that could be designed more strategically and offer our advice, if you want it! We are the local medium and small bathroom remodeling experts.
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completed bathroom remodel in San Diego

Work With Your Existing Plumbing Network

Looking for ways to keep your bathroom remodel costs to a minimum? Additional plumbing work incurs additional cost, so using the current plumbing infrastructure can often keep renovation costs to a minimum. While San Diego bathroom remodeling prices vary, plumbing can be a significant factor in any project cost, so let us suggest a few design ideas that work with your home's existing plumbing network. 

If instead, you would rather totally redesign your bathroom, we can take a look at your existing plumbing and offer an estimate on what it will cost to move things around. As a family owned and operated bathroom remodeling company in San Diego, we take ethics very seriously. We want to realize your vision, not sell you a service that you really don't need.
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What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in San Diego?

A bathroom replacement can cost a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The range is so wide because some customers have had very large bathrooms. When you consider surface area of flooring, walls, countertops, shower/tub spacing, the cost of material alone is what adds up very quick. It may go without saying, but the larger the bathroom the more expensive the bathroom remodel.

If you're worried about a bathroom remodel cost, don't hesitate to discuss your budget with us so we can provide a solution that fits your remodeling requirements and your wallet. The average cost of a bathroom remodel in San Diego always varies but rest assured that we work hard to find an affordable design for every customer.
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bath remodel in San Diego - new lights and windows

Lighting and Windows

Some bathrooms have spacious windows that let in a lot of natural light while others have no windows at all! Let us help you choose the type of lighting that best suits your bathroom, ensuring that your lighting options match the colors and décor as well as the windows in the space. For example:

- Bright lighting to make a bathroom appear spacious and clean

- Low lighting that flatters appearances in the mirror

- Dual tone lighting that can alternate between bright and dim settings

- Mood/Ambience lighting

We can help you every step of the way with your San Diego bathroom remodel.
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Multi-Purpose Shower Conversions

There are many different shower options available to homeowners today, from small walk-ins with no splash guards to full spa-like retreats. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out the perfect shower for your bathroom remodel! You can also pair up a bath and shower combo or consider having a free-standing tub installed along with a walk-in shower conversion.

If you are considering a shower conversion for accessibility reasons, we offer a variety of walk in bathtub shower solutions that are handicapped friendly. No matter the reason for your shower conversion in San Diego, our expert bathroom remodelers are standing by. 
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bathroom remodeling in San Diego - new shower conversion
San Diego bathroom remodeling - new brown vanity

Bathroom Remodeling in San Diego - Materials

It's easy to get overwhelmed when choosing bathroom materials for your renovation project. Let us help you find the perfect surface materials, taking into consideration:
- How easy is it to clean?
- Will the material retain water?
- Is the material susceptible to cracking?
- Is the material heat resistant?
- Is the material heavy and will it need additional support?
- Is the material hard wearing and robust?
- What is the overall appearance and effect?
- Does it come in different colors and styles?
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Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Still worried about bathroom remodeling prices? Call us today to discuss your ideas with one of our dedicated planning team members and we will provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote. Once you’re happy with our plans and pricing, we will take a deposit and book an appointment with your bathroom remodel designer to visit your property, discuss your needs and ideas further and take measurements. 

From there, we will complete the remodel work to the specifications of your dedicated bathroom designer and take final payment upon project completion. Having a beautiful new bathroom is really just that easy. Check out our five-star customer reviews and get in contact with us today to start your journey to a dream bathroom for your home.
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"Their crew was extremely competent, on-time, hardworking and fast. They won me with their friendly and professional approach and promise that the price they quote is the price you will pay, no more or no less unless you have change orders. I strongly recommend them."

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Tile flooring is pretty much the standard for most bathrooms. Make sure you are aware of which types of tiling fit with your bathroom remodel plans.

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There are many reasons to consider a shower conversion. Most of the time, it is because the bathtub is not used, or for accessibility reasons.

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