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4 Things You Must See and Do When Visiting San Diego, California

July 23, 2020

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Located along the Pacific coast, San Diego is known the world over for its temperate climate and beautiful scenery. This upscale city is so famous that it’s been the set of many famous movies, including the 2017 film remake of the British TV series “The Saint,” the 1986 Tom Cruise epic, “Top Gun,” and many other films and television series.

San Diego is also known for offering its visitors a wealth of attractions, both indoors and out. If you visit the city or even decide to move here, you will never be without something fun and exciting to see and do! Check out some of the top attractions when in and around the San Diego, California, area.

The San Diego Zoo

As famous as the city bearing its name, the San Diego Zoo houses more than 3500 animals at any given time, boasting over 650 species. The zoo sits on more than 100 acres so you know you’ll be able to spend an entire day if not a full weekend on its grounds and never run out of exhibits to enjoy. Those attractions include giraffes, koalas, and even a safari park offering guided tours for visitors, as well as a botanical collections with over 700,000 plants to enjoy as well.

La Jolla Cove

For those who want to enjoy the water, visit La Jolla Cova, a famous beach in San Diego. Surrounded by cliffs, this beach and cove offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming, and is known for its rich marine life and sandy white beaches. Whether you want to enjoy what’s under the water or just want to relax in the sand, you’ll fine La Jolla Cove to be the perfect spot for everyone in the family.

Belmont Park

For a bit of excitement while on the beach, visit Belmont Park! This historic amusement park offers a small roller coaster, merry-go-round, carnival games, and lots of other attractions throughout. There are also plenty of food and drink vendors to keep you comfortable as well as spots to relax in the sand and enjoy the sunshine and fresh ocean air.

The USS Midway Museum

Housing an extensive collection of naval aircraft, the USS Midway Museum is a must-see for history buffs and military lovers alike! Many of the aircraft featured were built in Southern California, and the museum itself offers enough memorabilia and other attractions to keep you busy and occupied for hours! Be sure to get a hand stamp so you can take a break and come back later in the day as there is always lots to see at the USS Midway Museum.

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