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5 Options for Kitchen Countertops in San Diego … and Why Granite Is Still #1

October 7, 2019

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Kitchen countertops in San Diego homes are often more important than you might realize, as those counters need to provide a solid and safe surface for food prep and cooking. Kitchen counters also take up quite a bit of space in a kitchen so that they’re very visible and can either add to, or detract from, the overall look of your space!

Today’s homeowners have more options for kitchen countertops in San Diego than ever before, and each choice has its own pros and cons. Of course, as a homeowner, you’ll want to choose countertop materials that fit your budget and your overall style, but you might be surprised to learn about various options for kitchen counters in San Diego. You might also be surprised to learn why granite is still a favorite choice for many, followed closely by today’s option of quarta countertops.

To ensure you choose the best new countertop installation for a San Diego home, check out these five favorite options for homeowners today. You can then discuss your choices with a San Diego kitchen renovation contractor as needed and find the right option of granite, quartz, or another material for your home.

granite countertops in San Diego

Granite Kitchen Countertops in San Diego

Why are granite countertops in San Diego still the most popular choice for homeowners even after all these years? The durability of granite is unmatched by many other materials, as granite rarely shows chips, nicks, scratches, and other imperfections. It doesn’t fade or otherwise fall apart over time and, since granite is a natural stone, this material can literally last a lifetime!

Granite countertops in San Diego are also available in a wide range of color tones, including sandy beige, deep emerald green, and even soft shades of black. The natural flecks in granite keep the material from looking drab and dull, reflecting light and creating an eye-catching appeal.

San Diego granite counters do need sealing and occasional buffing, and they are not indestructible! It’s recommended that a homeowner protect granite from burns and food stains as they would any other countertop. Otherwise, this stone is an excellent option that fits virtually any décor and which you’ll no doubt love for years to come.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops for San Diego Kitchens

Quartz countertops in San Diego are an excellent choice for any home, and this material is becoming so popular that it’s giving granite a run for its money when it comes to the top spot! Before you decide on these materials for your home, you might wonder, just what are quartz countertops?

Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral and quartz countertops are made by crushing this mineral and mixing it with resins and pigments. The resin dries and hardens and the material is then buffed and polished so that it looks much like a smooth stone.

The advantage of quartz countertops for San Diego homes is that the material is water resistant and nonporous, so it provides a hygienic surface for cooking and food prep. Because pigment is added during the manufacturing process, you can find quartz countertops for San Diego homes in a variety of colors and tones. Many manufacturers use recycled quartz for their countertop materials, for a very eco-friendly choice.

As with granite countertops in a San Diego home, quartz needs sealing over the years and protection from burns and other damage. However, the material is very durable and provides a wonderful backdrop for a variety of cabinet styles and colors.

granite countertops for kitchen remodeling in San Diego

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are very durable and offer a sense of elegance in a home, but their price tag often put them out of reach for many homeowners. The light color of marble and gray etching also makes it a good choice for just a limited number of kitchens, as the colors might clash with cherry cabinets or other warmer wood tones.

However, marble stands the test of time and is appreciated by many homeowners, making it an excellent choice if you should ever decide to put your home on the market or want to ensure your protect the value of your home during a San Diego kitchen renovation project. Reclaimed pieces, taken from other projects, also save money and are an eco-friendly choice for homes.

Ceramic Tile Countertops in San Diego

The advantage of ceramic tile for a new countertop installation in San Diego is that there is no limit to the colors, patterns, sizes, and designs of tile available. You can create everything from a monochromatic counter using one solid color of tile, or counters that look like oil paintings with intricate designs and details. You can also create designs with two colors of tile or use broken tile pieces for a unique and personal mosaic.

The downside to tile countertops in San Diego is that the grout between tile tends to get dirty and yellowed with age and often needs professional cleaning on a consistent basis. Tile is also easy to chip and crack and can hold food stains and other debris, making it unsightly and eventually needing replacement.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

A laminate material is fused over layers of materials under it, which is why laminate countertops are not the best option for many homes. The adhesives used to create laminated counters will wear away or soften over time, so that the counter’s upper layers come loose and need repair or replacing. Some low-quality laminate countertops might need replacing just after a year or so!

The upside of laminate for new countertop installation in San Diego is that the material is very affordable, often averaging about $5 per square foot. Laminate designs are available in a range of styles, from stone looks to wood grains and patterns and everything in between.

If you’re in the market for new kitchen countertops in San Diego, consider your choices carefully. A kitchen renovation contractor can also help you decide the right option for your home and ensure your happy with that choice for many years to come.

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