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Solid La Mesa Concrete Countertop Installation Project

March 30, 2021

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San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros have the experience and skill that you need in order to make your brand new concrete countertop installation as seamless as possible. Our team of professionals always ensure a stress-free work environment when in your home. We’re always on time, efficient, and extremely affordable.

Did you know that when you call upon our expert technicians for concrete countertop installation your investment is guaranteed to last a lifetime? That’s one of the things that sets San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros apart from other companies. We know that our work is superior because we always go the extra mile for our customers. Our company only uses the very best tools, equipment, and materials when installing your concrete countertops.

Last fall, our crew was working at a residence in La Mesa. This brand new home had just been erected and the owners were eagerly awaiting the day that they could move in. The scene was set; all that was missing was their amazing concrete kitchen countertops. Our team had all the tools and equipment ready to go as well as the marvelous concrete countertops.

Now, mind you, concrete countertops are insanely heavy so we have to use extra caution when installing them. However, we are human and sometimes mistakes happen. One of our guys misstepped when helping to carry the countertops into the home and a corner slipped out of his hands and hit the hardwood floor.

The countertop was unscathed but the floor had a huge dent in it. Now, if we did not have integrity we would have just hidden this little problem and hoped that nobody would notice, but that’s not how we operate. After speaking with the homeowners and apologizing for what had happened we obtained the flooring company’s info and promptly called them. Together, we repaired the floor and our company footed the bill, naturally.

Finally, the floor was fixed and the concrete countertops were installed without further ado. Our clients were very happy with our workmanship, honesty, and customer service. Our family-owned and operated business knows that honesty always pays. The homeowner gave us an amazing review and recommended our company to friends and family. 

In fact, our company has gotten many jobs from this client alone. Every time we go on a job that has been referred by this particular client we always hear that we’re the most honest and hardworking home improvement experts in the Le Mesa area. Those words are priceless.

The next time you need professional concrete countertop installation in Le Mesa please reach out to the San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros for a FREE estimate, affordable rates, and old-fashioned customer service with a smile. We vow to work hard for you.

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