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Does a Kitchen Renovation Add Value to a Home?

June 24, 2019

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A kitchen renovation is often one of the best investments you can make for your home, but many homeowners wonder if a new kitchen will add value to their house and, if so, just how much return on their investment they can expect. It’s good to note that your home’s value is typically determined by how much a potential homebuyer will pay for it, which is why it’s good to consider what a buyer looks for in a home even if you’re not thinking of putting your home on the market!

A kitchen renovation can often return up to 90% of your investment in its costs, if you choose neutral, durable materials and ensure your new kitchen design adds storage and room to work!

While only a local real estate agent or property appraiser can tell you if a new kitchen design will add value to your house, and just how much, you might note some important factors to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. This will ensure you make the best decisions for your planned kitchen renovation when it comes to chosen surface materials, new appliances, a new layout, and even the colors you choose!

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Does a Kitchen Remodel Add Value?

Potential homebuyers know that a kitchen renovation is often expensive and disruptive, which is why they typically opt to buy a home with a beautiful and functioning kitchen versus one that needs updates! Because potential homebuyers are more likely to search for a house with a nice, new kitchen, and because they might pay more for a home with an updated kitchen design, a kitchen remodel adds tremendous value to your house.

Note a few other reasons why a new kitchen renovation might add value to your home and how to ensure you choose the best materials for increasing your home’s worth overall:

  • High-quality granite kitchen countertops, as well as durable quartz, marble, and other stone materials, last for years before they need repair or replacing. A potential homebuyer knows that they won’t need to get new kitchen countertops for some time when they buy a home with solid stone surfaces, which then increases that home’s value.
  • Solid wood kitchen cabinets also last longer than veneers, laminates, or other low-quality materials, making a kitchen renovation with upgraded cabinets more valuable to potential homebuyers.
  • Updated vinyl as well as laminate kitchen flooring are both easy to clean and rarely need scrubbing, stripping, and other difficult maintenance. Today’s busy homeowners often appreciate low-maintenance surfaces in their home that are easy to clean, so investing in durable flooring can add to a home’s overall value.
  • A large light fixture overhead as well as LED lighting inside and underneath cabinetry all make a kitchen seem brighter and even bigger, and allow for safer food prep and cooking. A new kitchen design with an upgraded light fixture and added lighting in otherwise dark corners can add lots of visual appeal and, in turn, potential value to your home.
  • Expanding a kitchen’s footprint or resizing the center island can mean more room for entertaining and family dining. In turn, a home with an expanded kitchen design might be more functional and more desirable for many potential homebuyers.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and appliances with energy-saving options, such as a dishwasher with various wash cycles for lighter loads, translate to fewer utility costs over the years. A homebuyer might appreciate a home that will save them money over the life of homeownership, so adding upgraded appliances to your kitchen design might then add value to your home.
  • In very warm or humid areas, a new exhaust hood over the range will remove excess heat and steam from the kitchen, keeping a house cooler overall. A cooler home in a warmer environment also means less cost for utilities, making that house more desirable to potential homebuyers!
  • Outdated surface materials and even unfashionable colors make a kitchen downright ugly, whereas granite kitchen countertops, warm wood cabinets, fresh vinyl flooring, and other upgraded materials add style and visual appeal to the kitchen. Buyers often like homes that are attractive rather than ugly, another reason a new kitchen design might add value to your home!
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Adding Value Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

While a kitchen renovation typically adds value to a home, you might note some mistakes to avoid in your new kitchen design if you’re concerned about getting the best return on your remodeling investment. A real estate agent or even a kitchen renovation contractor can offer personalized advice for your home in particular, to ensure that you get the “most bang for your buck” when it comes to a new kitchen design, but note some general cautions to avoid as well.

  • Be careful of choosing overly expensive surface materials and other options for your kitchen design. While high-quality, attractive countertops, cabinets, and flooring might attract potential buyers and thereby increase your home’s value, buyers might not be willing to pay top dollar for very expensive materials, so you don’t get as much return on your kitchen renovation investment as you might expect.
  • Potential homebuyers might appreciate energy-efficient appliances but might not need all the latest “smart” features and details, such as digital displays on the refrigerator, manual shutoff for the dishwasher, and the like. As with overly expensive surface materials, you might not recoup the cost of such appliances by way of increased home value.
  • Avoid materials that might look nice but which aren’t very durable or that need consistent maintenance over the years. For example, hardwood flooring tends to warp and absorb food stains in the kitchen, whereas vinyl floor tiles are more durable and need little maintenance so they’re more appreciated by potential homebuyers.
  • Keep a kitchen’s style cohesive with the rest of the home. You might appreciate lots of stainless steel and glass in a kitchen, for example, but a very modern look might seem out of place in a traditional or craftsman style. A kitchen renovation contractor can help you choose materials and designs that fit the rest of the home’s style while still appealing to your personal tastes.
  • Don’t overlook the need to invest in new wiring, plumbing, subflooring, and other building materials during a kitchen renovation. Outdated electrical systems or plumbing pipes might decrease from your home’s value, no matter the appearance or cost of your beautiful new kitchen surfaces and appliances!
  • Storage is often appreciated and needed in kitchens so be cautious about any changes to your kitchen design that decrease storage or make it inaccessible. For example, avoid removing a pantry in favor of a desk or taking out too many cabinets to make room for small, open shelving.
  • A homeowner would do well to avoid trying to manage a kitchen remodel on their own. A kitchen renovation contractor ensures that all changes are made to local building codes and will avoid “amateurish” mistakes, such as laying tile unevenly or failing to line up cupboard doors properly. Even small issues with a kitchen design can result in an unsightly space and a decrease in your home’s overall value!

How Often Should You Renovate a Kitchen

Since a kitchen renovation often adds value to a home, you might wonder how often you should renovate your home’s kitchen space. Every home is different, but typically it’s good to schedule a kitchen remodel every ten to fifteen years.

One reason for regular kitchen renovations is that kitchen materials often go out of style after a decade or so; as an example, Shaker-style kitchen cabinets offer a clean and modern look that works well in virtually any home, but you might get tired of their simple design after several years. On the other hand, cabinets with lots of detailing can look very warm and traditional when first installed, but might seem a bit busy and cluttered after a decade!

It’s also good to remember that even the most durable materials will wear out over time, and especially if you have a busy family or pets in the home. Even the most durable vinyl flooring might show scuffmarks after a decade of wear and tear! A kitchen renovation also allows you to add updated features not available years ago, such as deep drawers in place of lower cabinets or specialty ovens that make food prep fast and easy.

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When to Schedule a Full Tear-out of Your Home’s Kitchen

While a renovation of your kitchen might include the installation of a few new surface materials, you might also consider when it’s good to schedule a full tear-out of your home’s kitchen space. For example, you might notice that it’s difficult to entertain your friends when there is a wall between the kitchen and dining area; a full tear-out, opening up the space, allows for easier flow of foot traffic and conversation when entertaining.

If the home’s kitchen feels cramped and crowded, you might opt for a full tear-out so that you can downsize the center island, relocate appliances so they’re more accessible, and choose cabinets that are taller but not quite so deep. These types of changes will allow for adequate space and storage without creating a cramped feeling in the kitchen.

You might also schedule a full tear-out of the kitchen if you want to add some specialty appliances to your new kitchen design. For example, you might install a cooler for beverages, separate from the kitchen’s refrigerator, or a built-in rotisserie along with double ovens. A full kitchen renovation or tear-out allows you to add all the new appliances you want without making the space seem cluttered and busy, increasing your home’s value while also creating a kitchen space you and your family will love!

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