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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

July 22, 2019

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No matter your expected cost to remodel a kitchen, you might consider hiring a professional and avoiding the temptation of handling the work on your own. A professional kitchen renovation contractor will ensure the job is done right and that your new cabinets, countertops, and flooring will last for years. No matter how much it costs to remodel a kitchen, their fees are worth it if it means having a space that is in good condition and that you’ll love for years to come!

The average cost to remodel a kitchen might fall in the $20,000 to $25,000 range, with small and basic kitchen remodeling costs often starting at about $4000 while high-end finishes and major renovation might boost the price to the $50,000 scale.

The cost to remodel a kitchen is often worth it for many homeowners, as the kitchen might be the one room in the home used by everyone in the family, every single day! A new kitchen design also means easier food prep and more accessible storage, which might save you time while cooking. No matter your reasons for consider a full-scale kitchen renovation, note some vital information about the cost to remodel a kitchen including some features you might consider in your new kitchen design, and how to have the kitchen of your dreams even in a small space.

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Why the Cost to Remodel a Kitchen Is Worth It!

Whatever your costs to remodel a kitchen, this is often a worthwhile investment in your home and your family! Consider the advantages of a kitchen renovation and new kitchen design so you know when and why it’s time to plan a remodel for your home.

  • While larger appliances might use more power to operate, today’s energy-efficient models and “smart appliances” typically offer lots of features that allow you to better control their operation and, in turn, save power and water! For example, a new dishwasher with lots of washing modes allows you to clean a small number of dishes without the same amount of water and electricity as larger loads. Zone-controlled refrigerators allow you to keep certain spots less cool, reducing the risk of food waste and also saving on your utility costs.
  • Functional, accessible storage allows you to bake, cook, and handle food prep more easily and with far less stress than trying to work in a cramped and crowded kitchen that doesn’t offer needed storage! Mornings will be easier for everyone trying to grab breakfast before getting out the door, and you might even be able to get dinners on the table sooner when working in your newly renovated kitchen.
  • Chipped floor tiles and missing grout might present a tripping hazard. Surface imperfections along an old kitchen floor also tend to hold food debris as well as germs and bacteria that are hard to clean thoroughly.
  • Aged and worn countertops covered in nicks and scratches also tend to hold germs and bacteria and provide a very unhygienic surface for food prep.
  • An updated kitchen design with built-in space for recycling and rubbish bins make it easier to sort household garbage, encouraging the entire family to recycle.
  • A larger kitchen design might allow for easier entertaining, with space for guests to mingle with the host or hostess while refreshments are being prepared.
  • An open kitchen remodel also allows parents to keep an eye on their children in the next room while food is being cooked, or to keep an eye on the television so you don’t need to pause the movie when someone is grabbing a snack.

It’s also worth noting that a full kitchen renovation with new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring can even increase your home’s overall value. Renovating a kitchen now can allow you to sell the home more easily down the road or increase the equity in your home so you’re eligible for higher home equity loans.

What Is a 10x10 Kitchen Layout?

When you start shopping for new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring, you might note many sample designs are presented in a 10x10 kitchen layout. This is a somewhat generic L-shaped kitchen layout that allows a homeowner to get an idea of the appearance of various materials and surfaces, and their expected kitchen remodel cost.

As an example, if the new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring materials you want cost $10,000 in a 10x10 kitchen layout, and your kitchen is a few feet larger than 10x10, you know that your kitchen remodel cost will probably run just a few thousand dollars higher. The 10x10 kitchen layout also allows you to see how cabinets look next to kitchen countertop materials, backsplashes, and other surfaces.

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What Are the 5 Basic Kitchen Layouts?

A 10x10 kitchen layout is used by many showrooms and designers to showcase kitchen surfaces, but this is not the only layout available for a new kitchen design! When you’re ready to speak to a kitchen renovation contractor near you, consider the five basic kitchen layouts from which you might choose, for maximum accessibility and the best overall appearance in your home:

  • A single wall kitchen layout is an excellent choice for very small homes or those with an awkward layout, offering long walls in small rooms. A single wall kitchen places the utilities, sink, and cabinets along one wall, with the rest of the kitchen walls open and unused. You might choose this design if you prefer a compact, minimalist look, and if you want to open up other kitchen walls for windows or a dining table.
  • A galley kitchen is also called a pass-through kitchen. The kitchen’s appliances and cabinets are placed on two walls opposite each other, while the other two walls of the kitchen are open, allowing foot traffic to pass through.
  • An L-shaped kitchen has appliances and cabinets on two walls adjacent to each other in an L-shape. This layout allows for maximum access to the kitchen and space for a table in the middle of the room.
  • A U-shaped kitchen has the appliances and cabinets along three walls in a U-shape. U-shaped kitchens allow for a maximum number of cabinets and storage space, although they might feel a bit claustrophobic in a small space.
  • An island kitchen has a kitchen island in the center; the cabinets and appliances might be along one, two, or three walls, but if the design includes an island then the layout is called an island kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

One challenge homeowners face when it comes to a kitchen remodel is trying to make the most out of their small kitchen design! You can add accessible storage and room for new appliances and everything else you need in your small kitchen and create a beautiful space if you consider some simple design tips, and remember that your kitchen renovation contractor can also offer some suggestions for your home in particular.

  • Invest in new kitchen cabinets with built-in storage accessories including hooks, low shelving, spinning shelves, and dividers. This allows for maximum storage in minimum space.
  • Pare down seating options in your small kitchen design. Opt for actual barstools rather than chairs at your breakfast nook, and a scaled-down dinette table rather than a full dining table.
  • Choose hardware for your new kitchen cabinets carefully. Opt for sleek, simple pieces rather than oversized knobs and pulls, so you don’t overwhelm your small kitchen space.
  • Dark colors are not off-limits in a small kitchen design, but ensure that you add a gloss finish. A glossy shine will reflect light and ensure that your favorite matte black, slate gray, deep blue, or brick red shades don’t become muddy and dull.
  • Tone down the island in a small kitchen design. Opt for a reclaimed rolling bar or work with your kitchen renovation contractor to choose something just large enough for the added workspace and storage you need but no larger!
  • Be careful about cabinets that reach the ceiling in your small kitchen space. Oversized cabinets offer maximum storage but might make a space seem claustrophobic. If you must have taller cabinets, break up the look of their height with beautiful crown molding and a few glass door fronts.
  • Note your options for new appliances and make your selection carefully. Ask yourself if you really even need a microwave and if an apartment-sized dishwasher might be sufficient! Opt for a tall but wide refrigerator to save on its footprint without sacrificing storage space.
  • Add extra lighting under your new kitchen cabinets so that the space doesn’t become overly dark, and to ensure you have proper lighting for food prep.
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Related Questions

What is the best way to save money on a kitchen remodel?

One of the best ways to contain your kitchen remodeling cost is to retain its layout. When you move kitchen appliances, you typically need to rework the home’s plumbing and electrical systems, adding to the cost of a kitchen remodel.

How much should a kitchen remodel cost?

Your cost to remodel a kitchen will depend on whether or not you need the services of a designer and the materials you choose for kitchen cabinets, new kitchen countertops, and other surfaces. Set a budget for your new kitchen design and then plan your kitchen remodel accordingly.

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