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Expert Quartz Countertop Installation Project in Mira Mesa

March 30, 2021

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Deciding on a countertop for your kitchen in Mira Mesa is something that our professionals look forward to helping you do. One of the most popular models is the quartz countertop collection. These countertops are incredibly versatile and durable. Plus, they come in a large variety of designs and patterns that are befitting of any kitchen no matter the style.

Our team at San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros has the experience to handle your quartz countertop installation with gusto. You can plan on the entire process going smoothly and without any hiccups. We've been installing these types of countertops for many years around the San Diego area.

Just recently, our team was tasked with a kitchen remodel in Mira Mesa. A young family was moving into their new home. They told us everything was perfect except for the kitchen. During their free consultation, we understood why they were so unhappy. The previous owners must not have heard of using hot pads when cooking because there were burn marks from pots and pans all over the ceramic countertop. It truly was a nightmare in terms of aesthetics.

So, we sat down with the couple and showed them some samples of quartz countertops that we had, and instantly they fell in love with the look, design, and durability. The couple was raising two young children so they wanted something that would hold up against spilled milk, crayons, and scuffs. Our team reassured them that quartz is as tough as nails so they had no need to worry.

Once our clients chose a design we got busy with the ordering process and set a date for the quartz countertop installation in their Mira Mesa home. On the day that the installation as to take place the sky looked pretty dark and ominous. Before our team knew it there was a downpour of rain happening. We didn't want the quartz countertops to get wet while transporting them into the house. Luckily, we had a roll of emergency tarp in the truck so we draped it over the countertops. It worked out really well.

Our team quickly completed the quartz countertop installation and our couple was very happy with the results. The entire installation only took us a few hours. Whether rain or shine the San Diego Kitchen renovation Pros will still get the job done, every single time, guaranteed.

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