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Easy Shower Conversion in San Diego

March 30, 2021

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San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros offers prime shower conversion services to the local area. Our team is skilled and experienced in this line of work through extensive training and hands-on action. We offer affordable rates and free estimates. When you realize that old, clunky bathtub is just taking up valuable space call us for an appointment!

We've been noticing a growing trend lately and that is many people are deciding to get rid of their bathtubs and completely go all out with a trendy, functional shower space. When the tub is removed there is so much space to work with in terms of shower conversion. We can turn your old shower and tub space into a gorgeous, spa-like area. You'll definitely be looking forward to your showers each day once we're through with your conversion.

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Did you know that we offer affordable pricing that can complement almost any budget? We at San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros love to help people get the dream shower they've always wanted so we are willing to work with any budget. 

We offer walk-in tub to showers models, luxury showers, and accessibility showers for senior citizens and those with disabilities. Our top priority is helping our clients choose a shower conversion model in San Diego that works best for them.

We recently had a client in San Diego who wanted to turn her old tub into a luxury walk-in shower and bathtub combo. She had a good size bathroom that was already elegant and gorgeous with granite tiles. Our team knew that this type of tub and shower would look amazing in her bathroom.

After our client chose the pattern and color that she wanted we got the products and materials ordered sow e could quickly get started on her shower conversion service. The day of her appointment came and we arrive don-time just as we always do.

The first area of business was to remove her old tub from the bathroom. She had a gorgeous antique claw-foot tub that she intended to sell so our team carefully placed it into a storage unit next to her house. We then began the shower conversion by getting the plumbing pipes and lines in place to receive the new equipment. We ran into a few hiccups along the way with the plumbing that we hadn't anticipated but within an hour we had everything figured out. 

This shower conversion project took us about 2 days to complete but once we finished the bathroom looked brand new. Our client was extremely satisfied with her new walk-in shower and tub combo and she gave us a rave review on our website and Facebook. This was definitely a 5-star job for our company.

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