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What is Shower Conversion? Your New Shower Awaits

July 2, 2023

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If you’ve lived in your home for quite some time, you may have become increasingly obsessed with doing something different with your bathroom. This is one of the most-used parts of the house, and undoubtedly your bathtub is one of the most-used items in your bathroom. Over time, your tub may have become cached with grime, soap scum, and mildew stains that have caused it to be an eyesore. Besides the dirt, it probably isn’t as beautiful or functional as it once was when you moved into your home. So, should you take a chance and get a shower conversion in your home? Here’s more on what a shower conversion is. 

A shower conversion involves removing an existing bathtub from a bathroom and replacing it with a shower. It has become a popular choice as people prefer the convenience and safety of showers over tubs. Benefits of shower conversions include improved aesthetics, increased space, easier maintenance, and enhanced safety.

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What is a Shower Conversion, and the Benefits of Getting It?

A shower conversion is the process of a remodeling company removing an existing tub from a bathroom and replacing it with a shower. Tubs have been a trendy part of the bathroom since the late 1800s. Unfortunately, taking baths back then was often quite cumbersome since there was no internal plumbing. But as indoor plumbing became readily available in the 1930s, tubs became essential to the bathroom. 

Showers were invented in the late 1700s by William Feetham, but they didn’t become an essential part of the bathroom until the 1980s. It was then that the world became familiar with the tub and shower combination.

In recent years, this dynamic bathroom duo has been starting to fade. Many people are beginning to prefer to get rid of tubs altogether in favor of showers in their primary bathroom. As a result, the demand for shower conversions has increased in recent years. 

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One reason people are making the switch to shower conversions is that they simply don’t need a tub. Once their children are older, they don’t need tubs. So many convert their tubs to showers. Some also realize they use their shower more than the bathtub. Therefore they discover that they don’t need a tub and prefer to have the shower only. 

Still, others discover that tubs are much more cumbersome than they prefer. They can be a trip hazard as you enter or exit them. Or they could be a tight squeeze for those who try to sit in them, particularly if they’ve put on weight. 

As a result, there has been a new trend to convert tubs and shower combos into shower conversion. Here are some benefits of getting a shower conversion.

  • Stand-alone showers are much safer for anyone of any age because they don’t require a balancing act to get in them. 
  • A shower conversion often looks more aesthetically pleasing than the tub and shower combo. 
  • Stand-alone showers require less maintenance. 
  • A shower conversion can provide more space than the tub/shower duo. 

How Much Does a Shower Conversion Cost?

If the benefits of a shower conversion have convinced you that it is time to make the switch, you may wonder, how much does a shower conversion cost? According to Forbes, you may spend between $1,200 and $8,000 on a shower conversion, with most people spending on average $$3,000. Costs could increase based on several factors, including size, materials, bathtub removal costs, and more. Prices could also vary based on whether you plan to do the job yourself or hire someone to do the job. 

Is It a Good Idea To Remove A Tub From a Bathroom?

You may want to convert your outdated tub and shower combination into a stand-alone shower. However, is it a good idea for resale purposes if you plan to sell your home? According to real estate professionals, ensuring that at least one bathroom in your home has a tub in it is a good idea. After all, you may need it for your own purposes for cleaning your pets or small children. If you plan to sell at some point in the future, not every buyer will be impressed with the lack of a tub in your house. While it is a good idea to make the conversion, you should carefully consider it before making the switch. 

FAQs About Shower Conversions

How long does it take to complete a shower conversion? 

It could take between 2-3 days to complete a simple shower conversion. However, the more complex the shower conversion, it could take longer, upward of several weeks. For instance, if your plumbing has to be moved, this could increase the completion timeline. Also, higher-quality materials, such as marble, may prolong the installation. It may take marble longer to cure than most other materials.

Should I get a professional to do my shower conversion?

Unless you are skilled in laying tile and possibly a plumber, leaving shower conversions to professionals is a good idea. They will not only know what materials to use and the correct dimensions, but they will also install the appropriate vapor barriers. 

Does removing a tub permanently lower the value of my home?

The value of your home depends on the market. If an agent runs comps and determines that most homes in the area don’t have tubs and showers are a sought-after feature by the target market, you doing away with a tub may not lower the value of your home. 

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