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What Is the Cheapest Bathroom Remodeling Option for Your Home?

February 28, 2020

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Full-scale bathroom remodeling might be a bit costly for some homeowners, but that cost is worth the investment in your home’s appearance and in your family’s convenience! New bathroom cabinet installation provides easy, accessible storage right where it’s needed, and an expanded sink and countertop area creates more room for shared bathrooms.

Typically the cheapest bathroom remodeling option for your home is to keep fixtures and features in their current location and opt for stock cabinetry rather than custom cabinets. Granite is still a popular option for countertops but quartz and tile also offer a stunning look for a more affordable cost.

No homeowner should go without a full bathroom remodel when needed, to ensure safe and hygienic surfaces as well as adequate storage in the bath. A new remodel, with upgraded appliances and fixtures, might also mean lower utility costs and increased property values!

An upgraded appearance is also well worth the investment of a full bathroom remodel. Modern tiles create an elegant, upscale look, and add brightness or a welcoming warmth. If you’re contemplating a full-scale bathroom remodel or know it’s time to at least upgrade cabinetry and countertops, consider some vital information about your options and be sure to discuss these choices with a bathroom renovation contractor as needed.

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How to Figure Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Note some tips on how to figure bathroom remodeling costs, as well as where you might cut those costs and what items are worth your investment no matter the price!

  • Relocating fixtures and features often means having to reroute plumbing pipes, install new pipes and vents, and other such added work that increases your bathroom remodeling costs. While you might absolutely need to move the toilet or sink for some reason, such as for those located too close to a window or entryway door, consider this option carefully in other cases.
  • Cabinetry is often one of the most expensive bathroom remodel costs. Consider stock or semi-custom cabinets to save money over custom cabinets, or choose stock cabinets for the majority of your bathroom space and custom cabinets for odd corners or small and awkward spaces.
  • While cabinetry might be the costliest aspect of a cheap bathroom remodeling, never skimp on needed storage! A home’s kitchen and bathroom probably need the most storage options and having a bathroom without adequate storage often means hassle and stress every day.
  • Lighting and ventilation often make up about 5% of your bathroom remodeling costs, but invest in additional lighting if needed! It’s vital that you have proper lighting for shaving, makeup application, cleaning bathroom surfaces, and the like. Poor lighting also means a dim, dull bathroom that might look dingy no matter its tile and fixtures.
  • Upgraded ventilation in the bath also means less steam collecting on walls and ceilings and, in turn, less risk of mold growth in the home. Added ventilation also means more comfort for those in hot and humid areas!
  • New flooring might figure about 10% of your bathroom remodeling costs but, before you choose a low-quality option just to save money, consider the amount of foot traffic in and out of the bathroom every day! Cheap tiles scuff easily and might make the entire space seem rundown and drab. 
  • Consider low-flow faucets and plumbing, a tankless or energy-efficient water heater, and energy-efficient lighting, to lower your overall utility costs. These fixtures and features might be slightly more costly for installation but you might then recoup that added cost in the money you save over time.
  • Use caution in overspending on luxury items you might not appreciate over the years. For example, a Jacuzzi tub, steam shower, or multiple showerheads might be quite the novelty when first installed and nice on occasion, but not used as often as you assume. You might do well to save that money for more durable floor tile or a tankless water heater, as said.

How to Save on Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Costs

No matter your expected cheap bathroom remodeling costs, you don’t want to skimp on quality or even the attractiveness of materials. A home’s bathroom is used every day so it’s vital that the space function well for everyone who uses it, and offers an attractive look you’ll love for years to come.

One way to save on costs without compromising form or function is to choose new cabinetry, countertops, and flooring versus an entire bathroom remodel. These surfaces and materials take up the majority of space in the bathroom so upgrading these features offers a fresh look along with needed storage. Look for quartz countertops rather than granite and choose cabinets the same size as current cabinetry, for lower fabrication costs.

Be sure to ask your contractor about ideas for saving on the cost of cabinetry and countertops. For example, some manufacturers put these materials on sale right after the first of the year, when homeowners are recovering from holiday spending and not likely to invest in home renovation projects! Planning your bathroom renovation during this time might then save you hundreds if not even thousands of dollars.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Cheap Bathroom Remodeling

A new bathroom renovation should stay functional and attractive for many years to come. After all, you don’t want to redo the bathroom every year! To ensure your new bathroom renovation lasts for years, invest in high-quality materials no matter the cost, rather than trying to cut corners with cheap products. Quality tile will withstand scuffmarks and other such damage and typically need less cleaning and maintenance overall.

 It’s also good to reconsider trying to “DIY” your bathroom remodel or any part of it, including demolition, painting, or adding trim. Overdoing it with demo can result in damage to surfaces or even the home’s framing. The wrong paint, trim, caulk, and other such details might also increase the risk of mold growth in the home; you might even see cheap paint come right off the wall of the bathroom during cleaning!

Since your bathroom remodel should last for years, avoid details and features that might get tiresome before too long. If you love bold colors, choose a strong paint tone as you can easily paint over that shade in time. Avoid strong, bold tile colors as it’s more difficult and costly to replace tile than paint!

One last mistake to avoid when choosing a cheap bathroom remodeling plan is trying to fit too many cabinets or oversized features in a small space. While it’s good to have lots of cabinetry, a roomy countertop, and other such details, you also need to move around comfortably in the bathroom and especially in a shared space. You and your partner bumping into each other while trying to get ready in the morning or finding that you bump into the sink every time you step out of the shower can create daily frustration for everyone in the family!

How to Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Not every bathroom remodeling contractor offers high-quality installations and work you can trust, which is why it’s vital to take your time and choose the right company for the job! First note that a general contractor is not necessarily the right option for a bathroom renovation, as it takes skill and experience to work with plumbing, electrical fixtures, tile, and other details of a bathroom renovation project. Choose a company or individual who specializes in bathroom renovations as well as kitchen renovations and other similar projects.

Also, don’t assume that the most expensive contractor is the best, and don’t make your decision based on cost savings alone! An overly cheap contractor might be new to the industry or struggling to get clients, which can indicate a lack of needed skills. While a contractor should charge enough to reflect their experience, you also don’t need to pay top dollar to hire a high-quality contractor.

Note, too, that it’s good to work with a contractor who provides lots of options for your project, including cost-saving suggestions. If a contractor pressures you to accept high-end materials or go over your budget, unless there is a safety or building code concern, this might be a sign that they’re not the right bathroom remodeling contractor for you. Choose one who works to create a bathroom you love at a price you can afford and not one looking to sell you on the most expensive materials.

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Related Questions

How many years does a bathroom renovation last, on average?

A bathroom needs renovating when its surfaces and materials are worn beyond cleaning or repair, and when you’re simply tired of the style. On average, a bathroom remodel might last 7 to 10 years. The more persons who use the bathroom, the sooner you’ll need to replace tile floors and other materials.

Does bathroom remodeling increase home values?

Only a real estate agent or property appraiser can note if a bathroom renovation will increase your home’s value and how much you might expect to earn back from your remodeling costs. However, keep in mind that an old and outdated bathroom might decrease your home’s value! Invest in a bathroom remodel when needed, to protect your property values.

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