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What’s Considered an Affordable Kitchen Remodel In San Diego?

December 16, 2019

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As a homeowner, you might be surprised to find the options available for an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego, as many high-quality surface materials and cabinetry brands are more wallet-friendly than ever before. You might also find that your kitchen renovation contractor in San Diego can also offer you alternatives to certain materials and surfaces, such as an inexpensive porcelain floor tile versus high-end stone or granite remnants for your kitchen countertops.

Most homeowners would consider $10,000 to $30,000 as an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego, for an average 10×10 that needs extensive renovation work. Larger kitchens and high-end materials add to this cost, while laminate flooring and cabinet re-facing can lower your kitchen renovation costs.

No matter what your kitchen renovation costs in San Diego, it’s good to consider investing in an upgraded kitchen when necessary. A kitchen is typically the one room of the home used by everyone in the family, and a new kitchen might add value to your home while an outdated kitchen can become very unsightly and potentially lower your home’s worth!

To ensure you make the right choices for your kitchen renovation in San Diego, consider some vital information about an affordable kitchen remodel and how to contain those costs, as well as some information about where that money goes! You can then discuss all your options with your San Diego kitchen renovation contractor as needed.

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Costs for an Affordable Kitchen Remodel In San Diego

Note where your costs are typically allocated even for an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego, and this can give you an idea of what to cut and what can’t be sacrificed no matter the end price of your renovation plans:

  • Consider that labor will typically use up about 30%-35% of your costs. This percent might be higher for a full-scale kitchen renovation and especially if you’re planning on relocating the appliances, which might necessitate the services of an electrician and plumber.
  • Appliances, cabinetry, and other materials usually consume up to 60% of your budget.
  • Finishing touches, such as paint and added trim work, typically use anywhere from 1% to 5% of your budget.
  • It’s good for a homeowner to set aside 5% to even 10% of their budget for addressing unforeseen problems such as replacing frayed wiring or damaged plumbing, bracing the kitchen’s subfloor or wall studs, and the like.

Making Changes to Contain Costs for an Affordable Kitchen Remodel In San Diego

While it’s never good for a homeowner to sacrifice quality materials or give up on their vision of a dream kitchen that they’ll love for years, you might consider some changes and ideas for containing the costs of an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego, as well as some things to avoid in particular.

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  • Cabinet re-facing, or the repainting of cabinet doors and drawer fronts, is an affordable way to get the look of new cabinets in your home. Updated hardware and added trim also offer lots of style for far less cost than new kitchen cabinets.
  • Keep the appliances and other features of a kitchen where they are, to avoid the cost of tearing out cabinets and having to relocate wiring and plumbing fixtures for your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink.
  • Ask your kitchen renovation contractor in San Diego about manufacturer closeouts, year-end discounts and clearances, rebates, and other incentives that lower the cost of appliances and building materials.
  • While a homeowner might handle some work on their own to reduce labor costs, this work should involve tasks that don’t require specialty skill or tools! For example, a homeowner might remove cabinet drawers and doors, but think carefully about pulling those cabinets themselves off the walls, so you don’t damage drywall and other materials.
  • The more weight on a home’s floor, the more likely it is that the subfloor will need added bracing. Scale down the size of your new kitchen island and opt for lighter ceramic or porcelain floor tile rather than heavy stone, to avoid this added cost.
  • Note the wood species you choose for cabinetry. Pine and oak can be painted any color and are often much cheaper than cherry wood and mahogany.

Remember that your kitchen renovation contractor in San Diego will also typically have suggestions for saving money on your renovation plans. Let him or her know that you need to choose an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego and your overall budget, and they can help make your dream a reality without breaking the bank!

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