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Our Services for Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego, CA

"Sean and his team did a great job! He and his team were easy to work with, made sure I was happy with the work being performed, and left me well informed on the work being provided. Overall a great team to work with."
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Kitchens in San Diego, CA Done Right!

San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros is the premiere company to call for kitchen remodeling in San Diego CA, bringing a wealth of experience, custom designs, high-quality materials and accommodating prices to every project we service. We have hand-selected the best kitchen designers in San Diego and combine their expertise with the most experienced kitchen remodeling contractors to craft your dream kitchen. Our San Diego kitchen remodel prices are among the best in the region and we know that you won’t find a more luxurious design at a better price anywhere in the greater San Diego region. Not only do we specialize in kitchen remodeling, but we have an extensive list of other home remodeling services that are guaranteed to enhance comfort and increase value. Therefore, you know that we are serious and passionate about your home remodeling project, no matter the size!
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Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services

We have an extensive range of kitchen remodeling services, from small passion projects like custom tiling to full-scale kitchen renovations. Below we have outlined our most popular kitchen remodel services. If you're interested in learning more or have questions about our services, get in touch for more info and your FREE home remodeling consultation!
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Expert Full Scale Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego, CA

Looking for a kitchen as unique as you are? Let's dive deep into our extensive list of features for your dream kitchen. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in San Diego, we only work with the industry leading manufacturers of remodeling materials, so that's one worry off the check list. When you meet with our local San Diego kitchen designers, we'll bring a large amount of resources and samples so you'll know exactly what the materials look and feel like before committing. If you want to move appliances around or change lighting from an existing configuration, we'll help you map that out in the design plan so our San Diego kitchen remodeling contractors have the exact measurements of your finished space. The one thing we want you to know is this: no matter what you're considering, San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros will help you every step of the way. Give us a ring and let us know about your project!

Our San Diego Kitchen Remodeling Process

To start, we schedule your consultation with a hand-selected San Diego kitchen designer who will work with you to outline your kitchen needs. It's important to get this step right before starting your kitchen remodeling in San Diego CA. We think in terms of space and function, while considering your storage needs. Electrical connections for appliances, lighting considerations, and wall removal/construction are all assessed during this time. With your kitchen remodeling design fully mapped out, our San Diego kitchen remodeling contractors schedule a date for the installation. Our mission is to make kitchen remodeling in San Diego convenient, so we make it a point to stick to a schedule and ensure that this part of the process isn't an inconvenience to your daily life. When we're finished, your jaw will drop in awe of what we've accomplished. Your dream kitchen is waiting. Call and get started now!
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Modern or Classic Cabinets for your Kitchen Remodel?

Perhaps your existing kitchen is already workable for you, but needs just a few simple tweaks to get it to the level of perfection you desire. We love how our innovative, San Diego custom kitchen cabinets, have literally transformed hundreds of kitchens from average to extraordinary. If you are considering something more budget friendly, we have a large selection of pre-fitted options of various sizes and shapes. This helps keep the cost of kitchen remodeling down and allows us to streamline the installation process. Regardless of your kitchen cabinet needs, San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros are your project consultants through the entire process. We're more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, without the high pressure sales pitches. Talk with one of our passionate kitchen designers about your project today; you won't regret calling!

Gorgeous Granite & Quartz Countertops in San Diego

Countertops are the most tactile surface in the entire kitchen. Think about it. You will be using them daily to prepare meals, then wiping them down. Not to mention they are home to a variety of household items and appliances. Therefore, it's extremely important to consider countertops carefully for your kitchen remodeling in San Diego. We encourage our customers to go with stone countertops like granite or quartz for a few reasons. For one, they are extremely easy to clean and the natural properties of stone are naturally resistant to bacteria and mold. Quartz & granite countertops are also easy to maintain, just requiring a simple spray on reglaze that you can do yourself once per year. You will never have to worry about peeling paint or that cheap laminate look--you'll have the real deal! With our huge selection of stone countertops in San Diego, we're positive we can find something you will love.
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Unique Stone & Glass Kitchen Backsplash Options 

The cabinets are hung and your beautiful countertops are installed, but something is missing. Give your kitchen that full-finished look with a custom or pre-sized stone / glass kitchen backsplash. With several options not found in the box stores, no kitchen remodeling in San Diego CA is complete without a backsplash that brings the countertops and the cabinets in complete harmony. With San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros, there is no reason to do the heavy lifting yourself. Whether you're looking for something traditional or to give your kitchen an edgy, modern look, our San Diego kitchen designers will help you find the perfect match. So, are you ready to make the kitchen you've always wanted a reality? Take the first step and call our kitchen remodeling contractors in San Diego today. We're standing by!

Cost-Friendly Small Kitchen Remodels for San Diego Homes

Do you have limited space and are looking at small kitchen remodels in San Diego? We have a design expert that specializes in making the most out of what you have. Let us see what you're working with, and we will match you with the right flooring, countertops, cabinets, and more to fill the space most efficiently. 

It doesn't matter if the square footage isn't there, it matters what you do with it. You'll be amazed at how different your kitchen looks when we're through.

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Are You Ready for New Kitchen Flooring?

Our team is providing state-of-the-art flooring in San Diego area. When you're ready to call our flooring experts, we'll complete your flooring installation project in no time.

Most customers opt for tile, vinyl plank, or hardwood flooring in their kitchen. But, if you choose another flooring style, that's fine by us. 

Typically, we can install your kitchen floor within the day or within 2 days for a larger kitchen. Call to request a free estimate today!

Make Your Kitchen Complete With A Kitchen Island Remodel

Your kitchen renovation won’t be complete without a kitchen island remodel. It is a great focal point in any kitchen that can quickly become the most used area in the kitchen. A kitchen island is a great place for family and guests to congregate for work or play. It can even be used to prepare delicious meals for entertaining. 

With so much emphasis on the kitchen island, wouldn’t you want one that is truly inspirational? Choose from a variety of countertops including granite or butcher’s block. If you’d like a waterfall island, we have that option, too. 

Let’s get your kitchen island remodel started today! Contact us to get a FREE quote.
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"Their crew was extremely competent, on-time, hardworking and fast. They won me with their friendly and professional approach and promise that the price they quote is the price you will pay, no more or no less unless you have change orders. I strongly recommend them."

– David J.

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Expert San Diego Kitchen Designers & Contractors

It's one thing to pick out which kitchen materials you like from your local hardware store, but quite another to design and install an efficient, fully functional, and stylish kitchen from scratch. Regardless if you're looking for a full kitchen renovation in San Diego, or just some finishing touches, our team of expert San Diego kitchen designers & contractors are here to help.

Your Personal Kitchen Designers in San Diego

Every kitchen has to start somewhere, and we have carefully chosen the best kitchen designers in San Diego to work with you on your dream project. Our designers bring a wealth of experience, technical knowledge, and that all-important creative flair to your kitchen remodeling in San Diego CA. Your kitchen renovation is sure to be a complete success when you let our team create a personalized and custom kitchen design for a luxury yet affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego. And remember, San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros is there for you every step of the way. So, if there is something your kitchen designer isn't able to work out, let us know. We'll be happy to brainstorm strategies to make sure your kitchen renovation in San Diego is everything you thought it would be more. Call us today and we'll start your custom San Deigo kitchen design!
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Our San Diego Kitchen Remodeling Contractors 

Our kitchen remodeling contractors in San Diego use the vision created by our innovative kitchen designers and work to bring it to life with meticulous attention to detail and only the highest-quality materials. There is no project too big or too small and our expert contractors will see your renovation dreams through to completion. Our kitchen remodeling contractors are leaders in the industry, conscientious, and industrious, giving you complete peace of mind throughout the entire kitchen renovation process. Our kitchen remodeling contractors also make the extra effort to ensure the installation process minimally impacts your busy schedule. Don't worry, we'll go through all that with you during your consultation call. What are you waiting for!?
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What's Kitchen Remodeling Cost in San Diego, CA?

One common question we're asked is, how much does a kitchen remodel San Diego cost? Of course the answer depends on the scale of the kitchen renovation you need to have done, and the amount of work it takes to make your dream kitchen a reality. We keep all of our San Diego kitchen remodel prices customized to each client so we can provide every homeowner an affordable yet beautiful kitchen remodel San Diego. Blanket prices might be more convenient for a contractor, but at Kitchen Renovation Pros, we think it's best to quote according to the materials and custom kitchen designs our customers want and need. Our customized, personalized quote process makes for a completely tailored experience and a much more affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego cost. You can then have a dream kitchen that falls within your budget without sacrificing a beautiful, luxury finish.
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Budget Kitchen Remodeling Options to Suit Every Home

Are you desperate for a renovation, but with limited funding, a budget kitchen remodel in San Diego is your only option? Don't worry about getting low quality, poor construction when you choose a more economical kitchen remodel. San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros find quality, gorgeous, cost-efficient products to suit all needs and to fit every price point.

Let us know what you want to spend, and during your in-home design consultation, we will find something that matches everything you've been dreaming of perfectly. Aren't you ready to restore your outdated kitchen? Call now to get a meeting set up that's convenient for you.

Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego CA and Beyond!

Don't live downtown, but are still searching for kitchen remodeling near San Diego? Our San Diego kitchen remodeling team is more than happy to travel to your neck of the woods! We offer all of our kitchen and bathroom renovation services to the local service areas. If you live outside these areas, call us anyway and we'll see if we can make it work!

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